Smokey BBQ Relish 350g


Smokey BBQ Relish 350g


Stone & Lea's Smokey BBQ Relish is made with many ingredients to create a great tasting all round relish. It is tomato based, using Australian grown tomatoes, onions and garlic with smoked paprika spice providing the smokey flavour with a mild chilli hit. It is easily one of our best sellers at the local markets!

*Enjoy served with bacon & eggs for breakfast or alongside a steak on the BBQ, consume within 6 months of opening

Ingredients: Tomatoes, brown onion, garlic, smoked paprika, mustard powder, honey, worcestershire sauce, dried chilli flakes, vegetable oil, red wine vinegar, brown sugar, cracked black pepper, sea salt

*Gluten free

*Preservative free

*Vegan friendly

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