Sugar Plum + Raspberry Jam 350g *BACK NEXT SEASON*

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Sugar Plum + Raspberry Jam 350g *BACK NEXT SEASON*



Stone & Lea's Sugar Plum + Raspberry Jam is handmade using the most freshest seasonal Australian grown Sugar Plums blended with Australian grown Raspberries. We have hand sliced the smaller than usual plums and kept them whole to give this jam a great chunky texture, yet still having the sharp tangy taste of our popular Plum + Raspberry Jam, making it a sure favourite among those avid jam lovers who enjoy a less sweeter jam. But we only cook in small batches so don't miss out, only available now while stocks last

*enjoy on your bread of choice or as a treat with scones & cream within 6 months of opening

Ingredients: Sugar plums, raspberries, white sugar, lemon juice, water

*Gluten free

*Preservative free

*Vegan friendly

*No added pectin

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